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Our company currently owns one large hopper dredging vessels complete with a clamshell grab crane. And in addition to the grab hopper dredger we also own a water injection dredger.


•Admiral Day (Hopper Dredger)

•Doonhamer (Water Injection Dredger)


The Hopper (a hopper is a hold that allow dredge material to be stored on board the vessel) allows our company to transport the dredge material out to sea without the assistance of barges or conveyer belts.


The grab dredger is the most commonly used dredger in the world, especially in North America and the Far East. It is a rather simple and easy to understand stationary dredger with and without propulsion.


For clamshell dredgers the method of anchoring and the positioning system plays an important role for the effectiveness of the dredger. Our employees at Wyre Marine Services LTD are highly trained and experienced in the maneuvering our vessels and do so with ease.









The Wyre Marine Dredging Fleet



Grab Hopper Dredger 'Admiral Day'

The vessel Admiral Day was built in the United Kingdom in 1971 by JW Cook.

IMO: 7110555

Official Number: 340227

Port of Registry: Dover

Tonnage: GRT 355 NRT 123.09

LOA: 38.34 meters

LBP: 34.13 meters

Bredth MLD: 9.15 meters



Water Injection Dredger 'Doonhamer'

The vessel 'doonhamer' was built in the United Kingdom in 1991. However in 2014 the vessel had a full refurb by Wyre Marine Services.

Port of Registry: Fleetwood

Length: 14.63m

Beam: 5.5m

Draft : 1.6m

Tonnage: GRT 39.79  NRT 39.79

Category: Category 3 (20 miles from safe haven)


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